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Have any questions? Please contact me for details and please double check the spelling of your email. If you don't get a response, check back. I ALWAYS answer.
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Stacey's Precious Puppies- Mini Schnauzers
Miniature Schnauzers are excellent dogs. They are super smart, gorgeous and very loyal family members.   I will only have Mini Schnauzers occasionally as I only breed them once a year and not at all during the summer. I plan to specialize in the chocolate (liver) and whites, and partis.  I don't breed the salt and peppers but occasionally may have one, just check with me on availability.
Rowdy- solid chocolate (liver)
^ Gucci- my Chocolate lady ^  
* Godiva- Chocolate and tan 
Ear Cropping
Ear Cropping is optional, it is a cosmetic surgery and alot of people prefer the natural ears. I had Rowdys ears cropped but my girls have natural ears. This is a surgery and you do have to provide care during the healing and return trips to the vet for cleaning and possibly bandaging, depending on the method your vet uses. It usually costs $150-$300 for the procedure. This is not for everyone. I thought Rowdy would look great with his ears cropped and I have a very good vet.  If you think you would like to have your Schnauzers ears cropped, you must do this by about 12-16 wks so they will stand. Talk to your vet and just do your research before deciding to crop or not. 
Examples of past puppies
Liver Pepper
Dolce - Liver and white parti
Liver Pepper
These pictures are some of my past puppies. I post them so you can see examples of my puppies. These are not for sale now. 
Godiva getting groomed
Katie, she's a little tired, she just had her babies 
Check the Available Puppies page, if we have any available, you will see them there.

New puppies - taking deposits now.

Jojo is my tiny little toy male, he is blue merle with blue eyes.  He's so small he still looks like a puppy along side my minis. He is now a daddy as of 10/16 This pic is very close and  makes him look bigger, he is only 5 lbs.
This chocolate merle baby is Shelby & Jojo's  Super soft thick coat and very small. 
Brittany and her babies
These are my schnauzers, NOT FOR SALE. Some past and present but any available  puppies will be on the Nursery or the Available Puppies page.