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Purchasing information

Whether you are just shopping around for a puppy or see a specific puppy on my website, just contact me for current available puppies. As much as I try,  I can't always keep the website current day to day. 

     I do NOT allow visitors for any reason prior to 8 wks of age. Under no circumstances will I allow my puppies to be handled any younger than that. It is my job to keep my babies safe and not exposed to anything and I take it seriously. If you would like to purchase a healthy puppy from me this is the way I can make sure that is exactly what you get.
     I have people ask all the time if they can just "see the puppy even through a window" but this is my home and I'm not a pet store so this is just not possible. 
     I also have a lot of people say they are worried about scammers and crooks. That does work both ways, there are just as many crooks who pose as buyers but I don't need to mention that to everyone interested in one of my puppies. . After 20+ years of breeding and learning the proper professional way to do this, I'm not changing my rules or putting my puppies at any risk because of them. It's not hard to look me up and you can clearly see this is what I do and I have worked hard to get the reputation that I have.

     So if you have one of my puppies reserved, you can rest assured I don't allow people to come and handle any of the babies, my babies are in my nursery.  I think any experienced breeder should treat their babies the same way, but a lot of them find out the hard way just how risky it is.

    If I let one person come and handle one of the babies, on
ce they leave, that baby goes back into my nursery so basically every puppy in there is exposed to each person who would handle even one of them.  I stopped visits several years ago and all the things that went wrong due to being too flexible have stopped. I no longer have to worry. I have had people want to bring the deposit in person thinking I will just give in but I do not and will not. I just have to make it clear and its not up for discussion. If you don't want to put a deposit on one without seeing it first, that's fine. You can wait and see if I have any available once they are old enough to take home.
      If you see one you like, I do accept deposits through Paypal, Zelle and Venmo I dont hold puppies on anyones word.Until I have the deposit, the puppy is available. Deposits are non refundable with the exclusion of a problem with the puppy. 

 Once the puppy is 8 wks (or older if necessary) we can set a day and time for you to take your puppy home.   Most puppies are ready to take home once they are 8 wks old. Some tiny puppies (especially chihuhuas) may need a little more time. Once the puppy is ready to take home, if it is necessary for me to hold them a little longer for your convenience, I may charge extra for the extended time. 
 Please be respectful of my time and if you cannot be on time a courtesy call would be appreciated (and expected). If you do not show up and or call prior to the scheduled time, your deposit will be forfeited.  I shouldn't have to say these things but unfortunately I have had to deal with too many people with no consideration for anyone else if you can't be here at the time we set up, simply let me know ahead of time and we can reschedule, but not after I have been waiting on you. 
     Also please leave your pets at home, I dont allow anyone to bring their pets into my home, this is for the safety of my babies.  Also if you have small children, please dont let them handle my puppies without close supervision. 

     I do prefer that my puppies are picked up here in person. 
I don't like to ship my puppies, it is risky for the puppy. I do allow for ground transport or a flight nanny.
     I prefer cash when my babies are picked up unless discussed beforehand.
Warranty Information

1 year Limited Warranty on Life Threatening Congenital defects, with a licensed veterinarians letter of explanation as well as the appropriate testing to determine the diagnosis. 

Also depending on the day, you have 48-72 hours to have your puppy checked out by your vet at your expense, to ensure the puppy is in good health to your satisfaction.

You will get a written copy of my warranty when you pick up your puppy. 

Puppies are sold as pets at pet prices. No guarantee is made or implied about breeding ability or quality, nor show quality. At this age it is too young to make those type of decisions.

Darlene Harbin- Warning
This person is the reason that I can not and will not EVER let a puppy leave without being paid in full. This theif, her name is Darlene Harbin, used my sympathy to get me to let her take the puppy, Sugar and make monthly payments until the balance of $1100 was paid. She only paid $100 deposit when she reserved her. She has not paid a cent since she got her a year ago. I told her at the time that I don't let them go without payment and she repeatedly promised to pay and told me how she appreciated it. I should not have trusted her, and after dealing with this, I just can't ever do it again. So every puppy must be paid in full before I will let them go. Thank this lowlife for making me unable to trust anyone enough to put myself out there again.